Essay about The Business Program At Montgomery College

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As a part of the Macklin Business Institute, the business program at Montgomery College, we run a café located inside the Rockville campus where we have been serving Starbucks products for several years. Recently, the minimum wage has been increased for employees and the abrupt change forced the business program to discuss different ways to deal with the inevitable increase in salary expense in order to least impact in profits. I was surprised to discover that although the operations team brought up a lot of hard numbers, nobody seem to bring up any information regarding the atypical environment surrounding the café, being located inside a community college, or our distinct customer base that is almost exclusively composed of students and staff at the school. I realized a participant observation study would provide our business with the knowledge we need to better understand the very specific demands of our customers and will subsequently lead us to make a better decision regarding our current problem and better decisions to increase our profits in the future.
Taking advantage of the fact that I am both an employee at the café and a student at the campus where it is located I decided to gather information from both the perspective of a customer and the perspective of an employee at the café. With this in mind, I presented the idea of making an anthropological study to both the director of the program and the manager at the café and they both decided it was agreeable as long…

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