The Business Model and Strategic Plan Iii/Balance Sorecard and Communication Plan

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Business Model and Strategic Plan III, Balance Scorecard and Communication Plan
This paper discussed issues and strategies of implementing a Balanced Scorecard in order to facilitate strategic planning in PepsiCo’s Mountain Dew Energy drink company KickStart. PepsiCo has been using the Balanced Scorecard in order to manage its performance measures for the implementing of the Balanced Scorecard to try and select the appropriate performance measures for the area’s listed below;
• Growth in developing in the Energy drink new product and emerging markets
• Financial perspective---how do we look to stakeholders
• Customer perspective---how do our customers se us?
• Internal business processes—what must we excel at?
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If Pepsi wants to keep their financial success, it will need to come from the consumer and at the expense of the environment. Pepsi believes their communities will not be viable in the long run.
In practice, Performance with Purpose means PepsiCo will provide a wide range of food and beverages form water to treats to healthy eats; Pepsi finds innovative way to minimize the impact on the environment and lower their costs through energy and water conservation, as well as reduced use of packaging material.

Growth will continue to be fueled by developing and emerging markets
The growth rates developing and emerging markets are expected to continue to outpace developed markets for the foreseeable future. And, by 2030 PepsiCo experts estimate an additional 3billion people may join the middle class. These trends present excellent growth opportunities, but will require significant investment and development of the right people, skills and tools to compete.
Digital technology PepsiCo believes digital technology is disrupting every business at every point in the value chain, and the way Pepsi interacts with its retailers, shoppers and consumers and they believe its changing in a rapid pace. In a dynamic digital landscape, PepsiCo focus is on new digital tools and a new form of technologies and retail platforms that may allow consumers to reach

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