The Bus Service That Operates Bus Services For People With Disabilities

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Six years ago in 2010, Patricia moved from Florida to Nashville to be closer to Roger her brother. During this time her parents weren’t being the parents that Patricia needed. They would spoil her, and treat her like a “normal kid” that didn’t have a disability. Roger jumped in and wooed her to Nashville including taking her to a Britney Spears concert to try and get her to move to Nashville. She loved Nashville so much that she decided to move here. Since she has moved, she is able to compare Florida and Tennessee together and she prefers the programs in Tennessee because she can be an independent person. Patricia qualifies for using the transportation her Nashville called the MTA (Metropolitan Transit Authority). MTA Accessride is a publicly funded bus service that operates van services for people with disabilities that are unable to use a regular bus (Accessride). Patricia is able to go out for a girl’s night with her friends, also her different programs that she goes to like Nashville Dolphins, Metro Parks bowling, and Next Chapter Target book club. Next Chapter Target book club is a book club for adolescents and adults with Down syndrome, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and other Intellectual, and Developmental disabilities (Next). The members love books because they enjoy being transported to different places meeting interesting characters and learning about things all with their group of friends during the meeting (Next). Patricia loves to be a part of a community and she…

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