The Burning Of Fossil Fuels For Energy Essay

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The burning of fossil fuels for energy is still the world’s primary source of CO2 emissions. As a result, solar technology has become a primary candidate in the era of finding new ways to create emission free energy. Solar power harnesses the energy of the sun’s rays to generate electricity that is considered environmentally friendly, or “green,” due to the almost nonexistent emission of CO2 throughout the process. The electricity produced by solar farms can then be added to the grid and distributed to consumers. Using renewable resources such as solar power to create electricity provides an alternative and helps decrease our need for fossil fuels. Despite the seemingly positive outcomes of using solar power, the negative outcomes may be far worse. The construction and operation of new utility scale solar farms results in the direct mortality of wildlife, destruction and modification of habitats, habitat fragmentation, barriers to gene flow, increased noise, electromagnetic field generation, microclimate alteration, pollution, and increased water consumption. As a result of these negative impacts, we should reconsider utilizing solar energy on such a large scale.
Fabricating solar panels requires the use of water, electricity, and chemicals such as sodium hydroxide and hydrofluoric acid, and creates waste. Aside from fabrication, solar facilities also use chemicals such as dust suppressants, dielectric fluid, and herbicides that can cause contamination of water and impact…

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