The Brothers Compare And Contrast Medoto And Temas

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In the Brothers are the same story, there are twos tall men who try to become a warrior. There name are Medoto and Temas and they both want to become a warrior, but they have to proved their manhood, and he must meet in combat the only worthy enemy is the master of the plains- the lion. Throughout the middle of the story Temas struggle to defeat his only worthy enemy. He’s was struggling to defeat his worthy enemy because he scared of his fear failure.The description of the story of the characters, setting and symbols is, if you can look past a rivalry with an open mind you can become traly strong.
Throughout the story Temas change a lots about himself because the ways that he do to get the lion attention. When he’s in his dreams about to fight the lion “ He did not fear the beast. He was sure that in his bones and in his blood and in his heart that he was not afraid.(1)” Temas wasn’t afraid because he’s not in the moment of fighting the lion. When Temas about to fight the lion he said “ Now I see that I am trembling.(3)” Before he went to fight the lion, he was really scared because he didn’t want to fail.When he fight the lion “
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Temas and the spears “ He used them now to glance at his weapons, which lay beside him- a spear, a rawhide shield.(1)” These are the weapons that they will used to defeat the lion. When the weapons is used “ Now at last this weapons is your own, but it is wood and steel and means nothing until it changes to honor, or to shame within your grasp. Soon we shall know!.(2)” when Temas uses the spear to kill the lion and now he will have more honor in his village. When he to attempt attack the lion “ Temas had a risen, too. On one knee now, he waited for the signal of the lifted spears.(2)” Temas was waiting for the signal to attack the lion with the weapons until someone said so, because that’s the rules and he must follow

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