The Bp Oil Spill Case Essay example

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1. Identify an argument put forth in the case about the BP oil spill. Describe that argument clearly and base your description on evidence from the case.

One argument talked about in the case was the need for circulating mud and the use of a cement bond log. In order to prevent blowouts, you are supposed to circulate mud through the entire drilling rig to see if any gas is coming up with it, then once separated out, if present, you are to put all the mud back down through the well. It was advised by the American Petroleum Institute to circulate mud at least once.
In this case BP decided that the Macondo well would require 6 to 12 hours of work in order to circulate the mud, which apparently took too long for their liking, because they only did this for 30 minutes before deciding that they were good to go. BP also told Schlumberger workers that they did not need their services to complete the cement bond log. Because they did not want the services, BP paid a cancellation fee of 7% which ended up costing them around $12,035.44 to receive no services at all.
BP believed that based on their decision tree; they did not need to circulate all the mud, or require a cement bond long to proceed with their activities. They stated that cement bond logs are merely an evaluation tool that isn’t always correct, and that they saved time and money by following their decision tree.

2. Write your own argument regarding the incident in the case. Clearly and fully describe and explain your…

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