The Boston Massacre : A Violent Conflict Essay

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The Boston Massacre was a violent conflict that occurred on 5th of March 1770 before the start of the American Revolution in Boston, Massachusetts. During the evening hours of that day, a fight broke between British Soldiers and colonial residents at the Customs House on King Street. Due to the tension created by the resentful riot in Boston, British soldiers fired shots at the rioting mob, and as a result, several people were wounded and consequently leading to the death of five American civilians namely Samuel Gray, James Coldwell, Samuel Maverick, Crispus Attucks and Patrick Carr. The Massacre emerged due to the hatred of Bostonians towards the British soldiers which had emerged due to the protest activities of the Sons of Liberty Patriots. This Phrase "Boston Massacre was invented by an American Patriot that later applied in the propaganda movements against the colonial British. Boston Massacre marked the peak of sequential clashes in many the native workforces and sailors disagreed with the British stationed in Boston. Initially, since 1768, British troops had been posted to Boston to maintain order due to the civil unrest in the city that was prompted by the Townshend Acts of 1767 (Reese, 380).

The presence of the British troops in Boston for more than eighteen months created extreme tension within the city. These soldiers were quartered in every corner of the city, and their presence in Boston City continuously reminded the citizens of the British’ Attempt to…

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