The Border Patrol 's Objective History Essay

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There is always going to be more than one subjective or analytical viewpoint (perspective) when it comes to the involvement of popular social situations, but in order to understand a situation one has to see them as a whole (objectively). In this case, the border patrol’s objective history. The border enforcements between Mexico and the United States has constantly been changing throughout history, whether it is through their terms of race, class or regional background. In the book, Migra, written by Kelly Lytle Hernandez, an associate professor in the University of California Los Angeles Department of History and director of the department of Public History Initiative, argues how the personal history of Border Patrol workers came to influence their enforcement, strategies, connection to the social, political and economic involvement towards the border and “immigrants”. There have been many shifts in border enforcement. In order to understand the shifts happened one needs to know how immigration started. After the Mexican-U.S war, about fifty percent of Mexico’s northern territory was claimed by the United States. Much of that land resulted to be high in rich agricultural soil. Due to the fertile soil, settlers began to farm in immense amounts of land. Nonetheless, in order to maintain that land in harvest many farmers decided to hire workers who were willing to work for a low wage. Rapid migration expansion started to take role due to the early agribusinesses. The…

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