Essay about The Book Thief By Markus Zusak

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The Book Thief by Markus Zusak is an intricate and powerful novel with grim elements yet a consoling humour. The majority of the novel takes place in a fictional town of Molching, Germany, during World War II and the rise in power of Adolf Hitler. Death narrates the story as it follows the protagonist Liesel Meminger through her trials and tribulations between the years of 1939 to 1943. In The Book Thief, many elements are woven into the story, delving into a complex web of the character’s lives.
Throughout this novel, plenty examples of symbolism are shown. The death of Liesel’s brother is where the story starts and her brother’s funeral is where Liesel steals her first book. The symbol of words is important to Liesel and in the story as she learns throughout the course of the novel that words hold a remarkable power to compel people to commit acts of cruelty. At age 9, Liesel is illiterate and when she is ridiculed at school, she realizes how powerless she is without words. Words connect people throughout the story, first when her step-father, Hans Hubermann teaches her how to read, through which they develop a deep bond. Secondly, Liesel witnesses a Nazi book burning party. By stealing a book from a book burning, she defies Nazi censorship and takes her education into her own hands. Thirdly, Liesel describes, with words to Max, a stowaway Jew, the weather and thus establishes a great bond between them. Adding on to this, the greatest gift Max gives to Liesel in the…

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