The Book ' The Lord Of The Worlds ' Essay

1323 Words Aug 19th, 2015 null Page
The master divulges the empyrean of the world the supernal universe. The noble work of art all placed in perfect order with motion and graciously expanding towards the incessant space into the oblivion. The scattered cosmic dust clouds left by the stars, I see the planets in its designated orbit and each has its own laws as intricate with stringent obedience in scrupulous detail, surrounded by the cumulative stars with shimmering lights in all corner of the sphere and galaxies swirling into motion with radiance and Illuminating, existing in an uneven time. The macrocosm revealing its apparent beauty with a spectacular view and this is saying, don’t you see that there is a contriver of this enormous entity? I say, yes there is, the lord of the worlds and I prostrate with humility and adoration as the universe is in submission to you. I am insignificant in the midst of all these and tantalized to see this glorious firmament. My admiration has become an obsession to understand and I am trying to envisage you with my superficial knowledge but it’s abstruse, because my knowledge is like a needle in an ocean. You’re concealed from my perceptions but yet you are closer to my jugular veins, where blood is pertinent, which impels from my head and ensue to the heart and that 's where you have placed me, I am the soul representing the body with senses, I feel and yet I cannot see, because it’s hidden. You’re the creator of varied sights with divergent knowledge beyond my comprehension…

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