The Book Of Phaedo Takes Place On The Day Of Socrates Essay

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The book of Phaedo takes place on the day of Socrates execution in his prison cell where he spends the last hours of his life discussing philosophy in the company of some of his closest friends and some other followers. Socrates begins writing poetry while in jail believing that the gods ask of him to write, and just in case the gods wanted this from him instead of philosophy. Next, one of Socrates friends asked him about his view on suicide. Socrates explained to them it was wrong for one to take its own life, since your life belongs to the gods for it not yours to take. Furthermore, Socrates could not kill himself on his own merit, but when the law order him to drink the poison he must obey the law; hence, the gods order him to obey the law. That led to the topic of death, Socrates mentions to Simmias and Cebes, that death is a blessing for a philosopher. He mentions that the aim of philosophy is the practice for death, hence not to resent it when it finally faces you a philosopher. Socrates as a philosopher did not care for bodily things, furthermore he believed a true philosopher did not care for personal or bodily appearances. Socrates discusses that the needs for nurturing the body get in the way of philosophy, he mentioned that the philosopher more than other man, frees the soul from association with the body as much as possible. (Plato Pg. 56, 64e.) He explains that freedom and separation of the soul from the body is death. (Plato Pg. 58, 67d) He then…

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