Essay about The Book Night By Elie Wiesel

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I liked the book Night by Elie Wiesel. It gave me an idea of what living as a Jew in Europe during WWII was like and also about what it would have been like to be in a concentration camp. Some of the themes in the book are about survival, losing faith in God, father and son relationships, and what happens when people don’t speak up when bad things start to happen. What I got from the book was that sometimes when people are stripped of the things that make them human, like being able to practice a religion, or taking care of themselves and their families, they stop acting human and start to only focus on their basic need to survive.
Prompt: After Eliezer’s father is beaten by Idek, a Kapo, Eliezer says " I had watched the whole scene without moving. I kept quiet. In fact I was thinking how to get farther away so that I would not be hit myself. What is more, any anger I felt at that moment was directed, not against the kapo, but against my father. I was angry with him, for not knowing how to avoid Idek 's outbreak. That is what concentration camp life had made of me." Discuss what the last line signifies. Discuss how this attitude changed.
At the start of the book Eliezer was worried about being separated from his father and wanted to make sure that didn’t happen. When he realized in the line that some people were going to the furnace to die, he said that if his father wasn 't selected to work in the camp and he was, he would run after his father in the other direction.…

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