The Book Night, By Elie Wiesel Essay example

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Abandoning family, wanting to never find your family again, forgetting your loved ones, being disinclined to help them and becoming indifferent to their own death, adversities, and grief are all things that Auschwitz made of Elie Wiesel. In the memoir Night, by Elie Wiesel, Elie takes the readers through the battle of him struggling to treat his father right; this essay will map out his changes. Starting from Elie yearning to never become disloyal and hostile towards his father, to then turning neutral in terms of whether to care about his treatment towards his father, to finally outright feeling that his father is burdensome. The aftermath of this internal battle is the subsequent death of Elie’s identity and Elie feeling free, yet nevertheless empty. Elie’s battle to treat his father properly is crucial to the work as a whole as Night is about the relationship Elie had with his father.
In the memoir, Elie Wiesel was separated from his mother and three sisters by Nazi soldiers, leaving only his father left by his side. Elie and his father were transferred from camp to camp, sticking together the entire time, and ultimately end up at Auschwitz. The memoir displays Elie’s connection with his father and the bond between Elie and his father are the primary focus of the novel (it is also important to note that Elie and his father were not as closely acquainted before arriving at the concentration camp). At the very beginning of the book, Elie wanted to be with his dad and…

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