The Book ' Exiles And Pioneers ' Essay

1550 Words May 11th, 2016 null Page
Racism has always been a bit of an abstruse concept for the people privileged enough to label themselves as “white.” The meaning of the word and what it looks like in action is known, but the weight it carries throughout the lives of colored people is an outrageously ignorant concept to many whites. The books read in class help shed light on what racism really is and how truly poignant it is in today’s society, which is something society and the media try to bury in attempt to pretend that the issues going on with PoC have to do with anything else except race. It’s interesting that something so prevalent in our nation’s history, and a topic so highly written about in historical books, has yet to make anyone realize that this issue is constantly in flux and will not go away by a few laws and empty promises. For instance, the book Exiles and Pioneers takes the reader back to beginning of America where racism is the driving force behind English settlers gaining land. There have been laws that were touched upon in class, such as the Indian Removal Act, which forced Native Americans to migrate west so white settlers would have more room to grow. It has been taught as Natives agreeing to move west and later taught that they were forced to move, yet no one has labeled it as what it truly is: segregation. The president of the United States legitimately signed a bill into law that forced people of color to move miles away from white people, just like how African Americans were forced…

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