The Book Addictive Thinking By Abraham J. Twerski Essay example

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Book Report/ Critique Paper
Addictive Thinking
Understanding Self-Deception

The book Addictive Thinking, by Abraham J. Twerski is intended to help those that are codependent and those that are in recovery and teach them about addictive thinking and how to overcome it. It talks about how those that have an addiction think. Sometimes we fail to recognize that self-deception can be harmful. Deceptive thinkers can hurt everyone around them. It is difficult to accept the reality of the problem so instead we come up with other excuses to excuse our problem. It is important to know that the addict is also the victim of their own addictive thinking and if we fail to understand this, then we might become frustrated with the addict and not be able to help them. I was able to relate myself to some of the major points discussed in the book. The points that I can relate to in the book are manipulation, admitting to my errors, and that crying is okay and it’s fine for men to cry. Reading this book I was also able to learn many things, but the three most important things that I learned from the book was that treatment is necessary, what “Rock bottom” really means and that it recovery starts after the treatment.
As I read Addictive Thinking, I was able to relate to some of the points discussed. Manipulation is one of the points that I can relate to. My significant other would manipulate others including me to believe that he didn’t have a problem. He would lie…

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