The Bombing Of Hiroshima And Nagasaki Essay

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The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan was a sad and tragic event that killed thousands of innocent Japanese people. This fatal event could have been prevented with a single decision from our American Government in 1945. Our American government and President Truman decided that it would be better to take the lives of Japanese civilians, than to use a different plan that could have saved their lives. Michael Barnes is correct when he argues about atomic bombs being unnecessary to use in World War Two, because it took the lives of innocent people, it may have been racially motivated, and alternatives could have been made instead of using this weapon of mass destruction. The atomic bombs took the lives of way too many innocent men, women, and children. Over one hundred fifty thousand people were killed instantly when the bombs were dropped. This does not even include the people who died from other factors of the attack. They were instantaneously vaporized, with no chance of surviving. Ushistory is a website that gives information about the history of America.“In the months and years that followed, an additional one hundred thousand perished from burns, radiation, and sickness”(ushistory). The majority of the deaths were of innocent people who had nothing to do with events like Pearl Harbor or any of the battles between the Japanese military and America. Michael Barnes is an author who had an extensive bibliography which he quoted and cited within his article about why…

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