The Bloody Soccer Ball - Original Writing Essay

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The Bloody Soccer ball

I was running out of breathe. I was pretty good at sprinting, but I felt like I was running a marathon. I couldn’t see him but I heard him and he wasn’t far. I saw something in front of me, but I couldn’t stop.
This morning my friends and I were playing an intense game of soccer on the soccer field on my son’s school. Everyday my son comes home from school telling me that the field has something wrong with it and I shouldn’t go on it, but I didn’t care about what he said. To the left side of the field was a deep ditch, which made the game more difficult. We had to be very careful to avoid having it fall into the ditch. But today was the first time, since we started playing on that field, it ever fell in.
“Russell you go get the ball cause we ain’t going” screamed my friends. Since it was my ball and I was the one who got the ball in, all my friends made me go in and get it. The ditch wasn’t very deep, but it was bumpy. As soon as I but my foot in the ditch everything seemed so dark. All the clouds covered the sun and the ground was rumbling. My soccer buddies all ran in their cars and drove home. I wanted to leave my soccer ball, but it was signed by one of my favourite players, David Beckham. I ran down as quickly as I could grabbed the ball and jumped out. There was some dark red brown on the ball. I just assumed that it was mud and food or something that people might have littered. I go into my blue Bugatti and drove home.
I lived in Asheville…

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