The Blind Side By John Lee Hancock Essay

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Many films throughout history, have not only illuminated some culture’s shortcomings but the strength and ability to deviance in hopes of attaining meritocracy. It is within the arts, films, music and literature that are produced by a culture that researchers can identify the evolution of change from analyzing the micro symbolic interactionism between individuals to the social consensus in the functionalist theory that produces an organic solidarity. Each of these theoretical paradigms allow one the ability to change perspectives in order to deduce how values and norms are modified. Although each theoretical theory can be applied to the film, “The Blind Side” it is while utilizing the macro conflict theory, that social inequality is seen to influence the predominant social order and inspire change. So to begin to understand the factors that influenced a conflict theory perspective, it is important to begin with the foundation of the film, its plot. In 2009, the film “The Blind Side”, written and directed by John Lee Hancock was released by Warner Brothers depicting the true story of Michael Oher, the left tackle for the Baltimore Ravens, an NFL football team. This film was based upon the book “The Blind Side: The Evolution of the Game” that was written by Michael Lewis. Even though the primary foundation of the film is rooted in football and defining the evolution and importance of the left tackle, who protects the quarterback from being blindsided by the pass rusher, the…

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