The Black Tail Marking The Beginning Of The End Of Racism Essay

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Red Tails Marking the Beginning of the End to Racism America has always been viewed as the “Land of the Free”, but is this really the case? Over the years since our nation was born, speculation has raised the question whether or not everyone is equal. Going off of basic statistics of police brutality and shootings, it is proven that African American men have been seen as the victims to these types of situations, specifically across the United States and the United states only. Even after bloodshed and many wars to cry for this freedom, equality in our modern day communities has not been reached in a discriminatory way. During the times back then, specifically the Civil War, blacks were deemed as inferior. Even when they fought for America in WWII, (still with little respect from their white peers) they were viewed this way. Serving a country that doesn’t respect a colored people is not an easy thing to do. The Tuskegee Airmen were a group of African American pilots fighting in WWII who were under looked and underrated. Although these colored freedom fighters put their lives on the line, they weren’t recognized and given the praise they deserve, but they proved to perform well in combat and this led to many others living in this period of time to believe that blacks were just as “normal” as whites. As time has passed, blacks nowadays are obviously given the same rights as everyone. They can vote, run as president, have any type of job they’d like, and are able to marry…

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