The Black Sheep Of The Family Essay

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Your grandparents wanted everyone to think we were Leave it to Beaver and I was spoiled and Uncle Tony worked for everything, Diana and I were raised as the black sheep of the family that 's why we connected so good.

From when I was 10-15 every summer I was always at Uncle Emil’s gas station. When I was 12 I was bit by a dog and your grandmother made the guy pay $2,000 or she was going to call the authorities and have the dog put to sleep because the dog didn 't have shot records.

I was 13 when they got Aunt Mary’s I was still going to Uncle Emil’s gas station every summer until the family fight when I was 15. When I was 16 grandma and grandpa bought me a car, (a 75 Impala) the car cost $2,100 and amazingly there was $2,000 gone from my savings (the money from the dog bite). Uncle Tony went to work for Best Western so instead of letting me be the night and weekend cook they hired someone (a kid from one of my class’), a few months later he quit and they hired Barbara to be the cook and I was still left as a dishwasher. Barbara wanted to be a waitress and grandma and grandpa were in a bind so they had no choice and promoted me to night cook and dishwasher.

That same year Uncle Tony was in a car accident with his ‘77 Monte Carlo and he used my impala to get around while his car was getting fixed and I got stuck with the restaurant beater for a few weeks (the car didn 't have first gear and was really beat, it was uncle Tony’s very first car a ‘72 Gran Torino). After his…

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