The Black Lives Matter Of The United States Essay examples

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Discrimination lives in the United States

On April 11th, 1968 the United States Congress passed the Civil Rights Act, to abolish discrimination based on race, color, national origin, and religion (“Civil Rights Timeline” 15). This was the first political stable motive that the United States confessed discrimination as a major issue in this country. Establishing this ruling throughout the years was not enough for those who are against racial profiling and police brutality. That is why these citizens created The Black Lives Matter Civil Rights Movement, to be against those who felt that race was a complication in their lives. Their beliefs based upon how the people of color are left defenseless in a state of despair upon the people who feel more superior and how black people are stripped away from their basic human rights as a United States citizen. That is why the Black Lives Matter Movement is an important Civil Rights group because they protect against the legal system, police brutality, and the social injustices of society. The U.S. Legal System is based upon false claims and unreliable facts. “Our legal system is based on an inaccurate model of human behavior” (Benforado 1). The local police enforcements almost always follow whatever a “pure” citizen may report even without evidence. It is such a poor and irresponsible way that the police approach a situation. “...tens of thousands of people with crimes each year after they are identified in police…

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