Essay on The Black Lives Matter Movement

1393 Words May 3rd, 2016 null Page
We found that with the theoretical foundation and proper evaluation the Black Lives Matter movement has the potential to imprint a long-lasting impact on society as a social movement (Simon, 2015; Swaine et al., 2015; Thompson, 2016; Tometi, 2015; “11 Major,” 2016; “About the,” 2016; Dokoupil, 2015; Korte, 2016; Pearce, 2015; “President Obama,” 2015; Sidner & Simon, 2015; Coscarelli, 2015; “Black Activists,” 2016; COPS Office, 2015; Petersen-Smith, 2015; Belton, 2015; Stephen, 2015). The Black Lives Matter movement has made its name well known and is used in many discussions (Simon, 2015; “About the,” 2016). The research showed that there are 3 Co-founders of the movement and 27 chapters, but no original leader or no one in charge of Black Lives Matter allows room for lack of direction and principles to keep the movement headed in the right direction at all times (“About the,” 2016; Pearce, 2015; Simon, 2015; Tometi, 2015; “President Obama,” 2015). Additionally, the 11 misconceptions do shed positive light on the movement, allowing others to better understand the mission (“11 Major,” 2016; “About the,” 2016). As a matter of fact, the social media aspect has both helped Black Lives Matter by spreading their views, but media such as the news has placed a negative label on them by society’s interactions (Thompson, 2016; Stephen, 2015). Despite the alarming statistics of police brutality and killings against young black males, the music industry and politicians worldwide have…

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