The Black Death Of Silk Roads Essay

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Throughout the course of History 111, many major events and developments had taken place during the prehistoric era through 1500 CE. Some events and developments included the Black Death, The Mongol Moment, Silk Roads, and the Agricultural Revolution. Out of all of these the one with the most relevance for my life was the Agricultural Revolution because it increased the population and productivity; the one with the least relevance for my life was the development of Silk Roads because the United States no longer relies on them. Not only did the Black Death affect the population which was important for the Agricultural Revolution, it also affected the country as a whole. Studies indicate that the Black Death originated in China. Symptoms of the Black Death included “swelling of the lymph nodes, terrible headaches, high fever, and internal bleeding.” (Strayer 537) This disease was found on trade routes, such as Silk Roads, throughout parts of Eurasia. The Black Death “weakened the ability of Christendom to resist Muslim armies from Arabia.” (Strayer 324) The Mongol Empire was also affected by the Black Death. During the time period of the Black Death, the number of tenant farmers had decreased, resulting in them wanting higher pay wages. I believe that the Agricultural Revolution had the most relevance for my life. The Agricultural Revolution increased not only the population as a whole, but also productivity. According to the text, it is stated that the population shot up…

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