Historical Aspects Of The Market Revolution

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Historians believe that the Market Revolution was the most relevant fact in the period between 1793 and 1850. This belief is prevalent because the Market Revolution changed the way people lived their lives, as it was a time when farmers stopped being self-sufficient and started producing in order to sell. There are three main topics of why the Market Revolution was so important for historians, ranging from the revolution in Transportation and Communication, changes in agriculture and its commerce, and lastly, the beginning of an Industrialization Era. Transportation and Communication are two different revolutions that happened simultaneously, completely increasing the speed that people and goods were travelling and communicating around due …show more content…
However, as everything changed, consequences formed as a result. Deforestation started because of the need of wood for the steamboats and space for cities that were being built, which ultimately impacted in animals habitat. Women were the ones who worked for lower wages. Usually women with no children, between 15 and 30 years old, they stayed for at least five years living in a Lowell System and worked in various industries. The Lowell System was a way in which girls lived in a house where they were monitored by chaperones and taught Christianity ethics, but after five years they could go home again to build a family. Irish immigration raised because they were cheaper to work in industries - by 1860 more than 50% of employees were immigrants. This brought a divisions of religions and the culture of drinking alcohol - before most americans were Protestants and then Irish brought Roman Catholicism, in 1851 the Temperance movement stated the prohibition of alcohol sale.
Even though the Market Revolution had a huge impact in how America is today, there are also important things occurred during this time period. For example, the Native Americans were on the edge of removal from United States from the day which White Men arrived (1805) until Native 's almost execution by Smallpox in 1837. Four documents talk about the issues that Native Americans had to face
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In 1810, Shawnee, a native chief of the Tecumseh 's tribe, called for Indian unity and threatened Americans that if they do not do so, "It will seem that you wish me to kill all the chiefs who sold the land! I tell you so because I am authorized by all tribes to do so!". He made it clear how Americans are hypocrites when they say that want to be friends, or want a peaceful place to live, because in the end they make Indians fight against each other, and ultimately wanted to destroy the Native population as a

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