Essay on The Black Best Friend 's Main Job

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Jock City in 1991, Juice in 1992, Friday in 1995, and other movies may not have been meant to glorify the ghetto/gangster lifestyle but when filtered through negative racial perceptions... these theatrical leant credibility to the assumptions of Black culture..." (Hart 15). The Black Best Friend’s main job is to help their white friend out of problems, their character has little to no context. They are also called the token black friend. They usually tag along behind the white friend with quirky jokes or witty comebacks. They do not have much life of their own, or is not shown in films unless they are helping their white friend.

Some of the common stereotypes of black women in films date back to the blackface characters; the mammy, jezebel, and sapphire stereotypes are the three most common (Ngobili). The mammy stereotype is often "obese, deeply religious, and non threatening", as well as full of wisdom and took care of her white family and made them her priority (Ngobili). Tyler Perry has used this stereotype in his works with the character Mabel "Madea" Simmons as well, Hattie McDaniel, played the mammy in the movie Gone With the Wind. The jezebel stereotype is usually promiscuous, and has a sexual hunger. She is often portrayed engaging in sexual acts with white men. The most common portrayal of this stereotype is the “Bad Girl”. She is a young black female whom is rude, violent, usually involved in drug and/or prostitution (Ngobili). "In the blaxioplation film Foxy…

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