The Black And Puerto Rican Families Essay

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The suburbs was a benefit only for the middle class white and white elite. The Black and Puerto Rican families had taken up the residence in the urban areas that the white Americans had left behind. “… Segregation is imposed not by religion or color but by the sharp knife of income or lack of income.” Segregation was still a large issue in the United States and racism had impact on all aspects of life including the price of homes. In the 1950s census African Americans were still paying one sixth more than whites did for them same kind of housing. In the supermarkets in the ghettos, prices were higher than those in the outer towns. The victims that took over these urban areas were subject to “no legal protection, exploited, cut down on services, and were slow with having things repaired by landlords. The African and Puerto Ricans Suburbs became its own culture. It was a culture of middle to upper class elites that believed in a utopia life after the war. Within these all white suburbs it was rare to find an Africa America family not only because if they did they would be terrorized but also because it was were not permitted to live in these areas up until the civil rights movement in the 1960s. In the 1940s progressions of towns was not the only thing growing but also the actual lifestyles and utilities that could be found in the home. (Jezer 1982)
The census now included in its questionnaire a housing census. It was thirty one question that asked about the home that one…

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