Essay on The Birth Of The Rome

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Birth of the Rome
As most civilizations, it is a trend that neighboring communities are of some influence to one another, for nothing in this world is completely original, for ideas derive from something else that spark inspiration. Though, these peoples are still a mystery, today to most historians due to their language never fully translated despite their bountiful evidence of their existence, they impacted the world’s most striking empire, Rome. Romans recognize them as the Etruscans. Etruscans, too, used others’ efforts to live and communicate within society: Etruscans borrowed their alphabet from the Greeks due to their frequent contact. But there was more to the Etruscans, they had expertise in metal, art, and architecture from whom Romans later took their knowledge of the arch and the vault. Not only did these people influence Romans in that way they contribute immensely on Roman lifestyle such as gladiatorial combat, prophesizing the future by analyzing of animals. Another influential concept that the Etruscan society gave the Romans, but they gave a partial influence on how Roman women were treated during the beginning of Rome. Important roles in public life, politics, sporting events, theatre performances, celebrated with dance, and was associated with her husband’s activities were all components of an Etruscan woman which was in contrast compared to the Romans and Greeks. The family line was even traced by the female ancestors, unlike Rome where everything…

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