The Birth Of The Industrial Revolution Essay examples

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The birth of the Industrial Revolution began in England, 1750. Many citizens were still living on small farms in the rural area, but the Industrial Revolution was going to change the way English citizens lived. The way goods were produced would no longer be handmade, it would be made from machinery, thus allowing mass production. Steam power would be the main energy source leading to cheap goods and more job opportunity. When there is good there is also bad, due to urbanization there would be unsanitary living conditions, discrimination, and dangerous working conditions. Despite the Industrial Revolution causing changes to the world, of those changes, few were beneficial to the lower class of English citizens and to those who were imperialized by the English.

Technology was improving fast in England and new changes were rapidly occurring. Farming methods were changing with the seed drill invented by Jethro Tull, and improved fertilizer. People were living longer with healthier food. With new technologies it wasn’t just the food improving, the steam engine came to life and created many opportunities. Referring to an excerpt of The Philosophy of Manufactures: or, an Exposition of the Scientific, Moral. and Commercial Economy of the Factory System of Great Britain by A.M. Kelley, the steam engine created a need for railways, canals, and ship to be constructed with this it lead to the employment of builders, engineers, drivers to maneuver the trains and ships. The steam…

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