Biosphere Research Paper

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“The biosphere is all plants, animals, and bacteria living on the earth. The biosphere is very sensitive to environmental changes “said” by The Biosphere. According to Earth in the Balance, “The earth is going through environmental disaster such as the total loss of the Aral Sea, once the fourth largest inland sea in the world, to graphs clearly depicting the accelerating rate of carbon dioxide increase in the atmosphere and geometric population growth in the world, Gore weaves a compelling and readable picture of the shocking damaged condition of the planets biosphere.” The burning of fossil fuels increases the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. That causes the biological pump in the ocean to take in more carbon dioxide, which results …show more content…
They are composition of the atmosphere by inhaling and exhaling carbon dioxide and oxygen. Living things play a big part in the water cycle because they pull water from lands soil, which is a form of inhaling and exhaling water vapor so it rains forming a cycle. This cycle regulates the ocean chemistry by taking carbon out of the atmosphere. The ocean has chlorophyll concentrations and this is where organisms live. In areas where there is a cold water current the chlorophyll concentration is higher which stimulates phytoplankton. Cooler temperatures well up the water from way deep in the ocean carrying nutrients that built up over time. Whereas, in Polar Regions nutrients collect on surface waters during the month’s plants do not grow and in warm months the sunlight gives plants high concentration. The biosphere changes very little from year to year. Ocean productivity depends on the temperatures and nutrients brought to surface from the ocean current. Chlorophyll concentration can change due to temperatures in the ocean and the amount of zooplankton in that area. The global biosphere is an offset of excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Global warming is caused by burning fossil fuels which releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Boreal warming is a decline in greenness indices which is a result of drought, wildfires and insect outbreaks. Carbon released from these three things is causing climate

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