Essay about The Biomechanics Of This Beloved Sport

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Introduction American football is one of greatest pastimes and the most popular spectator sport, reaching many households in the US and more than 150 countries when the Super Bowl is played (5). A sport that captivates the family, unites the audience, and supports its homeland, football is a multi-billion dollar industry. The intention of this paper is to zoom in on the biomechanics of this beloved sport, specifically understanding the importance of the defensive lineman stance. Through a review of literature analyzing the skill/sport history as well as movement analysis and strength and conditioning protocols, the defensive lineman stance shall be better understood and appreciated. The defensive lineman stance is at the core of this paper as it is critical to the success of a football team. Without a strong defense, the offense is null and void. To further clarify, while a team could score play after play, if their defense does not hold up the team may still lose. Similarly, if the offense only has a few successes but the defense is strong, the team is likely to perform well. With all of this in mind, it is important to review the literature to understand the defensive lineman stance biomechanics.
Review of the Literature
The contemporary history of football spans more than 100 years, with its inception in 1863 England when rugby football and association football branched off on their different courses. With this diversion, the Football Association in England was…

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