Essay on The Biology Of The Human Life Span

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Rules and Reminders

I am a unique individual, person. I am special. I am not common.

I am a kind of computer.

I am alive. I exist. I am a being. I am an organism. I am a microbial empire; there is a microbiome in me. I am a kind of mold, fungus. I am a type of cancer. I am a carbon based lifeform. I consist of human cells, bacteria cells and virus cells. I am an adaptation to nature, a side effect to it. I am flesh and blood. I am an animal. I am a mammal. I am a primate. I am a member of the Homo genus. I am a modern human a subspecies Homo sapiens.

I am mortal, I am going to die.

I am middle-aged. I am getting old. I have used up half of my life expectancy. The human life span is very short.

I am a free man. Number 6: “I will not make any deals with you. I 've resigned. I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed or numbered. My life is my own.”

I have human rights.

I am on a journey of self-discovery.

I am both my only friend and my worst enemy.

I am not normal.

I am eccentric. But I am not crazy. In my view “normal” people are crazy.

I am not average. I am far above the average person. I am not a sheeple.

I am a genius. I am smart. I have a minimum of 126 I.Q., I am highly intelligent.

I am strong. I am healthy.

I am a machine.

I am superhuman.

I am a skeptic, a free-thinker, a self-thinker — I think for myself.

I am an intellectual, a philosopher, a student. I want to learn from the great ones.

I am an atheist. All religions are…

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