The Biography Of Benjamin Franklin Essay

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What are the chances that a young 17 year-old boy who ran away from home, would have accomplished great success and became one of the greatest writers of his time? That’s exactly what Benjamin did in his The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. He teaches us some of his own methods of being successful and becoming rich. Not only does he show us that money and success is important, he also taught us that there is more to life like helping people and his country. Not only did he became wealthy, he had a huge part in shaping this great country we live in today. When Benjamin ran away from home, he barely had any money, which is a brave move. The only thing he had was his talent in printing skills, and motivation to work. He loved to read and write, which was his main passion. “When he worked in his Brother’s press he would write anonymous papers and put them under neath the door of the printing press”. (Masure, The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, page 42) He had a passion for writing, and he did not care if he didn’t receive credit for it. This was his way of showing us that we should do what we have a passion for, and not worry about the money it will be bring. We should enjoy our work and do what we love to do. This was perhaps one of the greatest things his autography taught us.
From the start Benjamin believed in hard work and frugality. He loved saving money and tried to avoid spending on unnecessary stuff. He mentioned, “As a child I was fond of reading, and all…

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