The Big Bang Theory And The Nebular Hypothesis Essay

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Introduction According to the Bible, the earth and its inhabitants were created within six days. On the other hand, evolutionists have adhered to the theory the world was formed from clouds of dust and gases. This theory is known as the nebular hypothesis. Even though, there are proponents for each concept, the big bang theory favors the old-earth secular viewpoint while the “Creator a priori” is more compatible with the young-earth’s viewpoint (Sarfati, 2010, p.1). While these viewpoints have similarities, there are vast differences in the fundamental ideologies of the creation theory and the nebular hypothesis.
Old-Earth Secular View There are differences in the opinions of the origin of the earth as well as when it was formed. As for the old-earth secular view, they believe the earth is billions of years old, even though they disagree on how it began. For example, theistic evolutionists agree God created the earth and through a succession of time, life evolved into what it is today (Ross, Whitmore, Gollmer, & Faulkner, 2015 p. 5). Coincidently, the old-earth view was well recognized in the Catholic Church and in the Church of England (Scott, 1997, p. 269). Additionally, the nebular hypothesis suggests the universe, in its simplest form, started approximately13.8 billion years ago (Howell, C. 2015, par. 1). For the most part, the secular old-earth viewpoint believes the earth has aged quite extensively, while the young-proponents believe the earth is new.…

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