The Big Apple's Corporate Responsibilities Essays

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The Big Apple's Corporate Responsibilities
Russell Ransom
Strayer University
Contemporary Business
BUS 508
Dr. Kimberly Malone-Haddox
January 24, 2015

The Big Apple's Corporate Responsibilities
Apple Inc. is considered the world’s most admired company in the world. It holds this position in many categories, according to Fortune Magazine. These categories include innovation, people management, the use of assets, financial soundness, social responsibility, and many more. ("World’s Most Admired Companies," 2012) Needless to say, Apple Inc. is doing extremely well, and is projected to beat its current predictions on the sales of its new IPhone and IPad. Apple is at the top of their game, as far as making money and new innovative
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The facilities and processes are monitored for safety, along with the employees working hours and conditions being closely regarded. Apple, being so vast and spread out, with so many working parts, some of these conditions might get overseen or ignored in the process of bringing the world the next best thing.
Apple, Inc., along with many large corporations, look for manufacturers and distributors that will give them the ability of keeping the margins of revenue as high as possible with keeping the cost of the manufacturing of goods as low as possible. They are able to look for these services anywhere they choose globally. They have suppliers, over 200, all around the world, to include component providers, procuring agents for materials, and manufacturing. 18 of them are final assembly facilities. Apple states, “Apple has had one of the toughest Supplier Codes of Conduct in the electronics industry. These strict requirements communicate our expectations of how responsible global supply chains should operate.”(, 2014) Stating that you have tough and thorough expectations of suppliers doesn’t mean that they are adhered to strictly or that the supplier is holding up to those

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