The Biblical Definition Of Holiness

Being holy is a command by the Lord, he tells us that he is the most holy and that we should be like him. We have to do our best to live holy lives, which is not any easy thing to do because of the world we live in is corrupt. The devil has a strong grip on the majority of this world and he is not letting go any time soon. In this paper I will be talking about how my denomination takes a biblical stand point on holiness, whether or not I believe holiness can be attained in this life, and how I think we can attain holiness. As I stated in many of my papers, I grew up Baptist and I believe we use a biblical definition of holiness. That is that God is the Holy of holies, since God is holy we too should be holy. We are called to be holy in Leviticus 11:44, I believe that means to be distinctly different than the world, we should try our absolute best be as spiritually pure as we can. To be holy means to take a stand when times get tough, our minds need to be clear and we always need to have Christ on our minds, so that we can always be ready to take action. In my church covenant it says we should be "slow to speak, quick to listen, and always ready for reconciliation", how are we to do this if we do not have Christ on our mind and his …show more content…
Will we ever be perfectly holy? No, but thank the Lord we serve a God who is, a God who loves us with a holy love and shows us mercy that is holy. We can achieve holiness by binding the word of God to our hearts and always praising God with our lips, we can achieve holiness by constantly seeking God with all our hearts and with all our strength. We should always ask God for wisdom and always cry out to him, so that we can do our best not to sin and by not sinning being holy to the best of our

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