The Bible Is A Guideline Essay

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The bible is a guideline that gives people standards to live by while on this earth. It also shows people God’s love for his people. Because of the fall man was destined for domination which is separation from god. However, God loves his people so much he gave his son as a sacrifice for our sins. Furthermore, the bible gives a storyline that leads to the coming of Jesus, the resurrection of Jesus, and the return of Jesus.
Moses the writer of the book of genesis explains how god created the earth. He also explains how man fall out the grace of god because of disobedience. Although Eve was deceived by a serpent in the garden to eat the fruit God said no to sin did not enter into the word until Adam ate from the fruit. Adam ate from the fruit God perfect creation was corrupted in the outcome of sin. This sin caused man and animal to be cursed. The fellowship with man animals and God would become altered in the midst of the disobedience displayed by Adam.
Over time as the world 's population grew evil ruled the earth as well. Demonic spirits impregnated the women and created ungodly beast called nepheline giants of the earth. People were committing murders and every man was for themselves. Due to the corruption of the earth, the lord decided to destroy his creation by flooding the earth with water. However, Noah a servant of the lord was blessed by God and was ordered to make an ark which would keep him safe during the great flood.
Abram a decedent of Noah and was a servant…

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