The Bible For All Its Worth By Gordon D. Fee And Douglas Stuart

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Introduction In How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth, Gordon D. Fee and Douglas Stuart gives the reader a concise guideline for interpreting scripture. Their recommendations for how to interpret the scriptures are based on the type of genre of the book. The authors give specific examples describing the incorrect way of interpreting scriptures and applying hermeneutics. They then demonstrate the correct way of interpreting and apply scripture. The purpose of this paper is to discuss insights gained from the book, acknowledge any topics that this reviewer has previous knowledge of, discuss questions that arose during the reading, and to detail any points of disagreement with the authors.
The authors did a thorough job of explaining the various types of genre in the Bible and how understanding the genre of a Book is necessary to correctly interpret scripture. Some of the information was just a review of previous material. However, the book provides some practical and useful information. The most valuable and informative is the material pertaining to the Old Testament Laws. The author, Stuart, explains the various types of OT Laws and how those laws apply to Christians. This has always been an area of considerable confusion. There are some preachers who preach that Christians are still obligated to obey the Old Testament Laws. Yet, these same preachers have never explained why we are still obligated to obey only part of the OT laws. Stuart not only…

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