The Between Obedience And Conformity Essay

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On 9-11-01, it was an ordinary day in America when nineteen men decided to hijack American airplanes and used them to murder nearly three thousand citizens. Out of nineteen terrorists there were fifteen terrorists that came from Saudi Arabia. Then there were two that came from United Arab Emirates, and another one who came from Lebanon, and the last hijacker came from Egypt. They heartlessly took the lives of innocent women, little children and men, while it was not because of their religion or race.
The issue with obedience is not totally about psychological. The way that society is trying to form life and how it is being developed has a whole lot to do with it. There was a day when people were able to give a reasonable response to any situation because society would fully absorbed what it meant to obey and to disobey. Obedience is an action during which someone obeys with the directions given by a leader or an individual in charge. There is one comparison between obedience and conformity that is each involved in the rejection of private responsibility. There are many variations between Obedience and Conformity. The primary one is obedience that an order or instruction given when, in fact, no instructions or an order had been placed. Erich Fromm states; "All martyrs of religious faiths, of freedom, and of science have had to disobey those who wanted to muzzle them in order to obey, their own consciences, the laws of humanity, and of reason. If a man can only, obey and not…

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