The Between Macro And Social Psychology Essay

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Social psychology illuminates the interplay between macro-level social forces, such as social structures, institutions, and policies, and micro-level experiences, including self-conceptions, social relations, and subjective states (Barrett, Redmond, & von Rohr, 2012b). Applied to aging, this perspective brings into focus how age-related social phenomena, such as age inequality and socio-cultural constructions of age, impact individual experiences. Age is a component of our social identity, an ascribed social status like gender and race, and until now aging has typically been neglected. It has recently become the focus of gerontological research. Greater attention to age, as a dimension of social structure illuminates core issues of interest to sociologists (Barrett, Redmond, & von Rohr, 2012b). Such studies enrich our understanding of the interactional processes through which meanings of age and aging are negotiated, including the ways that they challenge social structures and cultural constructions. The importance of sociological research on later life is made more important by the rapid growth in the oldest segment of the U.S. population. Ageism has received less attention in mainstream sociology than other forms of discrimination, for example sexism and racism ((Barrett, Redmond, & von Rohr, 2012)

Studies on how to engage future GSWs and motivate them to study and work with the growing 65+ population are now being conducted (Gilmore, 2015). Statistics show…

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