The Between Ancient And Ancient Times Essay

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No two things are the same. There is always imbalance. When differences occur, one object or idea will always triumph another. The intrigue in the imbalance is not how one rises to the top, but rather how the supreme fall. The studying of the fall is most peculiar within political institutions. When breaking down the underlying philosophy of a government and their fallacies, a pathway can emerge enlightening how and why they are no longer at the position of power. The fallacies of times before and contemporary society sheds light on why great nations fail. In the scholarly setting, students study the legends of ancient times. The ancient greats from the Greeks to Chinese shaped our times culturally, but these dynasties have the opportunity to show how a nation should not be run. The Romans, Egyptians, Chinese, and Greeks are studied for their marvels, but their power all came to an end. In the analysis offered throughout the contents of this paper the best wisdom comes from Ralph Waldo Emerson: “In analyzing history do not be too profound, for often the causes are quite superficial” (Boot). Ancient Greece is a prime example to begin with. In World Book Advanced it explains in Ancient Greece, successful unique city states emerged like Athens and Sparta. Some of these city states, most notably of which is Athens, encouraged democracy. There was disunity among these city states until the Persians initiated war. The Persian Empire was one of the greatest of ancient times and…

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