The Bet, By Anton Chekhov Essay

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When people make bets, especially if they are upset or mad, they often do not think about the consequences and they can risk their lives and end up losing everything. People shouldn’t just make random bets because this doesn’t do any good to them. In matter of fact, this can actually hurt them if the bet goes too far. On a cold dark autumn night, a banker and a young lawyer made a bet with each other about whether the death penalty is better or worse than life in prison. In the story The Bet, by Anton Chekhov, the banker and the lawyer made a bet because both wanted to prove a point: which is worse, solitary confinement or capital punishment? This reckless bet shows that the lawyer and the banker are doing nothing with their life and just playing a game with each other when all they want is prove each other wrong.
Solitary Confinement and Capital Punishment both are unreasonable to solve the bet. The banker and the lawyer were talking about which punishment is better at the autumn evening part at the old banker’s house. The banker and lawyer both disagreed and had different perspectives on the situation. Both perspectives lead to risking their own lives:“The death penalty is more moral. Capital punishment kills a man once” (Chekhov,1). This shows that the banker started the conversation about how capital punishment shouldn’t be allowed. While, the banker says capital punishment is more moral, lawyer says death penalty and imprisonment in life is both immoral. Both of the…

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