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The Unredeemed Captive
Based during the 1704 Deerfield massacre, a brutal fight between the French and Native Americans The Unreedemed Captive is about a family whom were captured by the Indians. The author John Demos has a rather unique sense of writing that is very compelling and very unique. John Demo’s style of writing requires critical thinking and a lot of analyzing. Throughtout this paper I will discuss the author’s methods of writing, the wrtiting’s overall effect, his arguememnt, and the resource bases used.
As the pages for The Unredeemed Captive turned and the further I read into the book I felt I could better grasp John Demos’s outlook and reasoning behind this book. The book starts out with a vivid description of a crisp autumn night ready to turn into turmoil. Setting the tone for the book, John Demos jumps quickly into the chaos between the french and native americans.
John Demos used many different methods of
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The author used information from institutions, libraries, collegues, and he even went so far as to visit the site of the chaos, the Deerfield, Massachussets. There’s no doubt that the author did extensive research in order to execute his work accurate and exquisetly but I question how much is actually true due to the fact he stated in the book he turned to his friends and asked them questions. Also taking in consideration of the great detailing of Eunice with such little being known of her and also her family and how they felt during the time Eunice spent with the Indians, John had to have like i stated earlier put himself in that state of mind in order to write it.. He also talks about studying John Williams more than any other person captured by the indians. He studied John through his letters, writings, and sermons, and because he lived and endured during this time every word that John Williams wrote was in all probability

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