The Best Of Me By Nicholas Sparks Essay

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Media Paper For my media paper I decided to watch "The Best of Me".The Best of Me is a romantic drama film by Nicholas Sparks focused on two people named Dawson & Amanda who are madly in love. Although Dawson 's life makes things difficult he manages to work on an oil rig off the Louisiana cost. Amanda is a small town well known woman and also happens to be Dawson 's highschool sweetheart. However Dawson is single and Amanda is married to another man and the two no longer communicate. But after loosing a close family friend Dawson has to return home and comes to find that Tuck the friend who died had arranged for the two to join eachother in reminsing through his items.Although this is a difficult thing to do the two manage to rekindle the love they had for one another.Once Tuck found out that Dawson 's father was physcially and verbally abusive to him, allowed Dawson to sleep in his garage and eventually move in with him, he became like a son of is own.Tuck was a single man who lost his wife and as he work as a mechanic he allowed Dawson to help him out and stay around the house.After being around Tuck for a while, Sean (Dawson 's Father) found out about him staying with Tuck, unhappy with this decision, Sean & Dawsons brothers come and beat up Tuck leaving him on the front porch as Dawson went to prom. The struggle he faced was not being able to just go and hurt his dad as much as he wanted to. Throughout his whole life he was abused and once he found happiness with his…

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