Essay about The Best American Nonrequired Reading 2014

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Many pieces of literature are written each year, and each year dedicated high school students come together to read any type of literature ranging from plays, poetry, graphic novels to podcasts. Out of all the pieces of literature the students read, the students will debate which piece they believe is best. Once all these pieces are chosen, an anthology is created, “The Best American Nonrequired Reading 2014”. In the introduction of this book, Lemony Snicket claims, “the most passionate and interesting pieces of writing divide a literary team” (Snicket xii). Literary pieces divide people in their opinions since the pieces allow readers to interpret the pieces differently and gives the readers a sense of mystery.
The most passionate and interesting pieces will divide people in their opinions because these pieces will be interpreted differently. When pieces are interpreted differently, each person will argue about whose interpretation is correct, which makes Lemony Snicket’s statement valid. For example, Maia Morgan’s essay, “Saltwater Twin”, has different interpretations of “drowning”. Morgan differentiates swimmers in distress and the people who are drowning. “We expect victims to shout and flail and wave their arms and swimmers in distress may do that -panic when they realize the water is too rough or deep and they’re not strong enough to make it to shore” (Morgan 322). The swimmers in distress could symbolize the people who feel temporary panic, and the people know…

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