Summary: The Benefits Of Vaccines

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In the past, millions of people died from diseases one rarely hears about today. Advances in modern medicine have been tremendous in the past 50 years. Vaccinations especially have developed so that certain diseases such as rubella, smallpox, diphtheria, polio, and whooping cough are now prevented by vaccinations that we have today (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases). People against vaccines say that children’s immune systems can fight these diseases on their own. Side effects of some vaccines may cause paralysis, seizures or death. Some even claim that they lead to autism, ADHD, and diabetes ( The benefits of vaccinations outweigh the risks because history has proven that without vaccinations, society would be dying of diseases that have been wiped out today. The way that vaccines function and succeed is that they expose …show more content…
Community Immunity is when an important and large part of the community is immunized so that when someone is unable to be vaccinated they will not be compromised ( It also includes the people that refuse to be vaccinated. An argument of people who do not vaccinate is that they are still alive and healthy. This argument is invalid because you are not sick. The reason you are not sick is because you are protected by community immunity. Everyone around you is not sick because they are vaccinated and they are not at risk for the bacteria that make up those hazardous ailments. Just because you are healthy does not mean that you can not fall victim to the treacherous diseases that once plagued the United States. Take away community immunity and disease spreads and disaster strikes. In 3rd world countries, diseases like polio are still alive and thriving. There is no community immunity and hardly any doctors that can vaccinate all the vast populations so that they don 't infect

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