Strategic Staffing Analysis

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In corporate America or even the world companies are found with objectives that they must execute. These valuable objectives can, if executed correctly and efficiently, lead to the great success of a company. If said objectives are completed poorly or not at all, it can lead to the great downfall of a business or corporation. These objectives are more commonly known as management practices. Management practices are planning, leading, organizing, staffing and controlling. The functions are university recognized and are implemented in every work place for centuries. When a company implements the management practices in their workplace effectively, the company is always met with positive results. In my line of work, I believe that my part of the …show more content…
A staffing strategy can involve a directional plan that describes what a company will do in the future (Bechet, T. P. (2002). Strategic Staffing : A Practical Toolkit for Workforce Planning. New York: AMACOM.). In the future a company could be planning for expansion or they can be planning to cut back on employees. Ever since I have started with the company the main goal has always been to expand. When the Virginia branch was established, only two employees that could work for the Virginia branch per year. Recently there has been a spike in growth and now the Virginia branch has been able four more associates. Once the future goal is met there will be a branch in Maryland and Virginia and the staffing process will need a new staffing plan. In the staffing plan I am sure it will include what employees will be best suited for what areas and how can the plan for staffing if it has continued …show more content…
When parts of the company become valuable assets companies’ will want to safe guard those assets (Bragg, S. M., & Roehl-Anderson, J. M. (2011). The controller 's function [electronic resource] : the work of the managerial accountant. Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley, 2011.). Safeguarding the assets of the different branches of the company can be establishing better guidelines for different branches of the company. It can also be making sure that their accounting is in order by taking more control over that branch of the company. Another way to safeguard the company is making sure everyone is following policy, which can definitely help a company stay out of a negative light. The control process allows for companies to monitor the rest of the company so they can make better decisions. Decision-making is a big part of a company’s growth when trying to establish a successful business. Without control a company is bound to have chaos because there would be no set

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