The Importance Of Food Choices In America

When it comes to food selections in the US, there are numerous different options for people to choose from. What many people don’t put much thought into, however; is what’s best for themselves and their families. More frequently than not, families will buy food that is cheaper for them rather than healthy. Reason being, food that is less healthy for you is more available for people to buy, costs less to make (and buy), and is more convenient to produce as well.
One of the biggest problems in America regarding obesity and food choices is availability. Many people might not know what’s best for them to eat (or just ignore healthy foods) so they’ll continue to eat what’s nearby and available. Places like PCC, Whole Foods, and Trader Joes are all over the place and available, but if people aren’t interested in going to stores of that nature, then they
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Places like McDonalds and other fast food restaurants are much more common and easier to find than a healthy organic restaurant. It is unfortunate, but the fact that fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s, etc., have managed to entirely surpass hundreds of thousands if not millions of other restaurants in just the number of stores. Having more stores obviously means you’re successful and people are buying your products. The fact that McDonald’s is responsible for 14,267 (out of 35,429 stores total) (Topic) stores just in the US means that people are definitely lovin’ it (no pun intended). If you are in a rush, the drive through is always an option as well, which is just another important factor when thinking about convenience. Just when you thought that was it, there are other fast food business’ brought into the equation. Places like Papa Johns, Dominoes, Jimmy John’s and other delivery services, are much more convenient for people than having to prepare a homemade ‘healthy’ meal

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