The Benefits Of Head Start

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Nevada, one of the largest counties in the U.S with a population estimate of 2.7 million people as per 2013 survey, ranks last among the 47 counties in rates of high school graduates with. The total turnover for those graduating from high school and above falls below the national percentage on the same. In 2012 Nevada ranked last in high school graduate rates with a low of 63% compared to the national record high of 80%.
However the rates of enrollment have steadily increased in almost all respective education stages starting from first up to postgraduate. In comparison, the percentage of those enrolling between ages of 7-13 and lower is quite high as compared to those being enrolled for high school (13-19 years of age). This creates lots
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With an appropriate head start, children are able to face both school and after school life more equipped and prepared. This almost ascertains their success in life. This bold issue has face appeals right from locals up to the senator. Reduction in funding of head start programs is one of the biggest appeals. Most have urged that a child head start is the most elementary provision the government can invest on for these future leaders. The recent cut in funding is a big setback especially for Nevada, which in comparison to other states has the lowest head start achievement in early head start …show more content…
The reading culture for example has been found to have the biggest effect on an individual’s performance in school life. The bigger population of Nevada, which includes Hispania’s and black Nevadans most of whom have no reading culture background. Majority of the population presume education as just a process one has to go through and not as part of a human’s life. Most struggle with achieving class performance rather than embracing the test of exams as a challenge to even reader more and wider. Nevadans and the citizens of the U.S at large leave the responsibility of education progress check entirely to the government and the institutions in place.
Education is not only a means by which a child’s potential in various fields is noted but is also a tool to develop more abilities in critical thinking, open mindedness, decision making among others. It’s logical to actually view education like a tool to economic success or employment. This however should not be the stand.
Counterarguments made by Nevadans about

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