Essay about The Benefits And Disadvantages Of Relationships

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Humans have conflicting views on the benefits and disadvantages of relationships. Some individuals believe that relationships can have a positive impact on one’s life, while others believe that they are unnecessary for living a successful life. Almost everyone has unique experiences with relationships that can alter their lives in one way or another. Ernest Hemmingway’s In Our Time demonstrates how relationships cause damage to one’s wellbeing and those close to him or her. In “Indian Camp” Hemmingway creates a scene where Nick and his father are helping an American Indian woman bear her child. After Nick’s father finished a Caesarian that caused a great deal of pain to the woman, it was soon discovered that the woman’s husband’s, “throat had been cut from ear to ear. The blood had flowed down into a pool where his body sagged the bunk” (Hemmingway 18). The woman’s husband could not manage to see the pain of his wife any further and had decided to end his life. The deep passion and spiritual connection that the two had for each other ultimately led to the man’s demise. His internal feelings of hopelessness and despair had caused him to take his life into his own hands in a gruesome way. He killed himself in one of the most painful and quick ways possible because he felt incredibly guilty that his wife experienced such agony while he did not. Therefore, he demonstrated empathy to a great extent. It is ironic that love, a feeling that many individuals feel is supposed to be…

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