Essay on The Benefits And Consequences Of Sleep Habits

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Importance of Sleep
As we all know, our time on Earth is limited. One of the most valuable resources that we have is time. Knowing this makes us want to use our time as efficiently as possible. You may realize that no matter how well you use your time, there still may not seem to be enough. At this point you may wonder where you can get more time. With the Fountain of Youth out of the picture, a place many people turn to (or rather away from) is their bed. We humans spend about one third of our lives sleeping. Is that not ridiculous? Why waste all that time when one could be out changing the world? Some who make this earth shattering discovery begin to live by the motto, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” In reality, this final resting time may come to these people sooner than they had hoped for. The study of sleep enables a person to understand the benefits and consequences of sleep habits.
After years of testing and research, scientists have come to describe sleep as the natural state at which the body is unconscious, motionless, and resting. In this state, the body loses much of its awareness to the outside world. There are several different stages of sleep, the most interesting stage being rapid eye movement sleep. The majority of the time spent sleeping is in the non rapid eye movement sleep stages (Leikin 1130). The rapid eye movement sleep stage was discovered in 1953. As subjects slept, their brain activity was monitored. After about 350 trials, the…

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